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We know how hard it can be to fit being a volunteer into a busy lifestyle – that's why we've launched the 12 Hour Challenge. It means that everyone can enjoy the rewards of volunteering in a way and at a time that suits them.

If you can commit just 12 hours to Girlguiding over the course of a year, you can take part.
You might share a skill with a group of girls, perhaps by helping some Brownies gain their Gardener badge. You could help decorate or maintain a meeting place, or provide secretarial support for a unit – it's entirely up to you.
In just a day, you can make a real difference to girls' lives. Please contact getinvolved@girlguidingashford.org.uk for more information or to register your interest.



What our volunteers say:

  • •'It's incredibly rewarding to watch a shy and nervous girl grow more and more outgoing and confident at each unit meeting.'
  • •'I've made some wonderful friends and met people from all over the world through guiding. It's fantastic!'
  • •'Being a Leader gave me the confidence to get back out to work – I initially signed up to do it every other week. Now I'm thinking of working with children!'
  • •'It's so much fun trying out different exciting activities with the girls. I'd recommend guiding to anyone who's young at heart!'
  • •'I drive home feeling absolutely over the moon and confident I've achieved something great!



      Get Involved

Are you a parent, student or aged 18 to 65 and looking for a fun way to get involved with your community? Then you're just the sort of person we are looking for.

There are many roles available to adults within Girlguiding. Whilst we hope that most volunteers will want to be become unit Leaders, we do understand that not everyone has the time to make such a commitment, below are a few of the roles available to adult volunteers:

UNIT/ ASSISTANT LEADER - Every Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Senior Section unit has at least one qualified leader. The unit Leader has overall responsibility for the unit and is usually supported by Assistant Leaders.

- If you can help on a regular basis, once a week or fortnight, you could become a unit helper. Unit helpers assist the unit leaders and are an essential part of the unit. Girlguiding UK has to follow strict adult to child ratios – for example, one additional adult helper for a Brownie unit can mean that up to eight more girls can join.

ADMINISTRATOR - Sometimes it's really useful to have a few adults on hand to help the unit Leader with administrative tasks. This could range from producing letters on a computer to researching booking details for a trip or photocopying activity sheets.

TREASURER - If you have a head for figures, you could play a vital role in helping the Unit Leader or District with the accounts.

However you choose to help out you, will be playing a significant part in the lives and development of girls and young women whilst developing your own skills and experience.

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to find out more please contact us  




Getting involved in Girlguiding is a  great chance to make a valuable contribution to the lives of girls and young women. Becoming a Leader doesn't require lots of qualifications. In fact we'll provide all the training you need.


Ultimately, it's a great chance to bring out the best in everyone, and that includes you. It's also a great deal of fun and a good opportunity to meet new people.


Just a couple of hours of your time would make all the difference.



You will: 


• broaden your horizons.

• have fun and learn new skills.

• meet new people and make friends.

• use your talents to help girls and young women.

• give a little time and make a big difference.


It also looks great on your CV and shows employers you have good organisational and management skills.

Go on surprise yourself. You'll discover there's more to Girlguiding than you thought - and you might even learn something about yourself too.